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  1. can you tell me and the residents around the proposed site on fleetwood road recycling plant why have we not been advised by the council of what has been going on. i am certainly not happy with the amount of heavy plant wagons that will be going passed on bourneway 24/7. this will become very dangerous to old and the young. somebody who sits infront of a computer all day and thinks up some bright idea well they have got it wrong. why didn’t the council think of buying wyndyke farm and put the recycling plant there, it is near the m55 and plus you would not have any safety issues with the young or old trying to cross the road. does this mean that our bus no2 will not be able to come down our estate and the school buses will be affected

  2. Dear Amanda,

    Thank you for this. You are not alone in having concerns. I know the councillors have worked hard to ensure that these plans – which date from before they were elected – cause minimum disruption. It is not ideal that Bourne Way will be used for trucks exiting the plant, but it is an improvement on the road being used in both directions. Initially, we need to hold the waste plant to its promises on the one-way route, and monitor the consequences (predictable as I agree they are).

    I know local councillors are in constant touch with NPL, and I gather a leaflet is being prepared as we speak to keep local residents up-to-date.

    If you have any more questions, do get in touch. My personal email is

    Thank you for contacting me.

    Kind regards,
    Paul Maynard

  3. In response to your comments on the reduction of demand for salt in UK and how that affects the Cantxx proposal. The Canatxx plan is not to use existing caverns (brine wells of ICI) but to create new caverns in the untouched salt beds under the Wyre Estuary. The brine will then be pumped out to sea 2.3 miles off Rossall. The time delay for the Cheshire schemes will no doubt please canatx

    • Thanks for clarifying this Howard – I was under the impression it was the existing caverns that were to be used. The more one looks into these plans, the more complicated they become – no doubt what Canatxx is wanting. Presumably they will therefore be looking to mine the salt in these untouched salt beds in order to excavate them in the first place?

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  5. As a Conservative voters, my husband and I were extremely disappointed to receive through our front door a Thornton-Cleveleys Residents survey 2008 this morning! You may ask why? There were 3 surveys posted through our door, by hand so no postage was paid but someone was obviously paid for delivery and also the cost of each letter would be approximately £1, and all were addressed to the previous owners of the house! These people moved out of the property in November 07, and the Council were contacted immediately, for Council Tax reasons and the electoral role has also been changed, but still the Conservative Party Candidate whom we voted for failed to recognise the fact that we lived here! How would you feel? You make the effort to vote for these people and what effort do they make to ensure that all their details are correct? I can tell you the answer ………………….. NONE!!! Will they get our vote in future? They will have to work extremely hard to build up our confidence in them and if we get a survey addressed to us we may fill it in!!! Its a good job we are still in contact with the previous people or we would never know of this!!
    Yours With Disgust
    Mr and Mrs Stevenson

  6. Dear Paul

    I received information from the Post Office indicating that there was a letter that needed to be picked up from the Post Office. I went to the sorting office and there was a 27p shortage on the postage from your office. Unfortunately the Post Office charged another £1 on top for the service. As I had no idea what the letter was I had to paid £1.27 for the priviledge of getting your survey letter. Can I suggest that your office ensure that if they wish to seek the views of the general public that they ensure the letters going out have the correct postage amount.

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