About Paul

Hello there. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool North & Cleveleys at the next General Election. The purpose of this blog is to raise issues which I believe are important to the people of Blackpool – sometimes they’re of a local nature, sometimes national, and sometimes even global. I want to try to demonstrate that being a ‘politician’ (whatever that means anyway) is not about being a robot spouting the same old stuff. We’re all individuals, and we all have concerns and issues we want tackling. I hope this blog will let you see what my priorities are.

Born and bred in Cheshire, I am especially pleased to be able to stand in my native north west, after having contested Twickenham in 2005. I wouldn’t be standing for Parliament again, if I didn’t enjoy it! I also feel that public service is such a devalued concept these days that you have a responsibility to put yourself forward, and show that being an MP is about making a difference – a cliché now, maybe – and not just walking by on the other side of the road. What I really find worthwhile is the opportunity politics affords you to meet so many people, and hear so many perspectives on the issues which may not affect you in quite the same way. The broader your mind, the better you can represent people, and the more rounded an individual you are.

I’m thrilled to have the chance to represent both Cleveleys and the parts of Blackpool to the north of the North Pier. They are both towns with long and proud histories, but we should all be optimistic about their future too – I know I am.



  1. Is it possible to bring pressure to bear on the appropiate authority to make permanent repairs to HOLMFIELD Lane Cleveleys road surface. Someone has laid a course of bricks in one 1 metre square hole but it is now time to take a second layer. Mainly this is caused by builders doing work on the houses here, and at this moment there has been a bungalow demolised and there are many big vehicles breaking the surface up even more

  2. Hello Paul
    Like many others I am totally disillusioned with what is happening in this country. I feel it is no longer a matter of having an allegiance with any particular political party. I just wish a political leader of whatever persuasion would come along with sufficient strengths to right the wrongs which are eroding our countrys identity and traditions.
    There are so many issues which worry normal law abiding citizens. One of the major problems is the awful Human Rights Act . Its about time this was removed from our statute books for a start. If matters which worry decent law abiding folks arnt addressed in a far more positive way then i feel, as much as i hate to admit it…people will turn to the BNP out of sheer frustration. Talk to people and it becomes obvious that there is a lot of anger and resentment at the Governments inability to address the many issues which matter.

  3. Nice to see a Conservative Candidate who is actively canvassing in the Constuancy, nothing was ever heard of the last one in the last 12 years that I have lived here in Anchorsholme. As for the sitting MP – well the only time that I have clapped eyes on her was when she was sucking up to the Norcross Trade Unions and attacking the Private sector contrators that I worked for – Ghastly woman!
    Blackpool is undergoing massive change, however it would appear that if you live north of the town then forget it. Blackpool South to North Pier has a nice new Prom, same at Cleveleys, however as far as Anchorsholme is concerened, we have the aftermath of a shipwreck, with no indication of when we can expect to see our share of the improvements if at all. I believe that your biggest threat at the election will be from UKIP – we have had enough of the Liedems, and we have a fairly elderly conservative population who are fed up with Labour, but do not want labour lite, they, like me are interested in local issues and want to see significant improvements in the Blackpool North infrastructure, so far you seem like the man who can do, however you will have to convince the electorate that you know what they want and are determned to get it.

    Good Luck!

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